MapTrek is designed for hiking, geocaching, off-roading, cycling, boating and all other outdoor activities. It uses offline maps so you do not need to have internet connection. You can easily import waypoints and tracks from GPX and KML data formats or create waypoints in application and share them to others. It lets you write the track of your journey, even in background, so you will never get lost and be able later see where you've been.

Offline maps

MapTrek uses OpenStreetMap based vector maps that are lightweight, offline and are constantly enhanced by contributors. You can add custom maps in sqlite or mbtiles format to cover your area of interest. Such maps can be created by yourself with SAS.Planet application from mostly any online source.


Waypoints can be easily imported from GPX and KML files or can be created within application. You can navigate to waypoints and share them with others.


MapTrek is designed to record tracks of your journey. Simply press a button when you start and press it once more when you finish. You can quit the application if you do not need to look at the map, the track will be recorded in the background.

MapTrek is an open source software

MapTrek is developed as a hobby for personal use but is generously shared to public on as-is basis. Developers are welcome to contribute to the project. Specifically experts in OpenGL and PostGIS are much needed.

The development is on beta stage now which means that almost all essential functionality is ready but there are some issues left behind. The list of open issues can be monitored on GitHub. After all issues will be resolved application will be published in production.

You are welcome to join alpha testing program by following the link:
Until application reaches first public release it can be installed for free. You can apply for promo code by writing to me.